The EPSM Board
Nicolas Adolph
Chairman, creditPass, Germany
Nicolas Adolph is acting as chairman in the EPSM Board since the founding of the association in 2005. In this function, he is also a member of the European Commission’s Payment Systems Market Expert Group (PSMEG).

Nicolas is a shareholder of the EPSM Member creditPass GmbH, Taufkirchen nearby Munich, Germany. He has a career of working for almost 20 years at the payment network operator and EPSM member InterCard.

Additionally, he has been providing his expertise in payments to a number of other companies.
He holds a degree in physics and an MBA.
Tony Sillopoulos
Vice-Chairman, Neosoft, Greece
Tony Sillopoulos, ePayments entrepreneur being active in the US and in Greece, joined the EPSM Board in 2011.

He represents EPSM with his sound expertise in multi-acquiring switching of card payment systems and is currently involved in developing new and emerging smart payment methods at the POI.

Tony is the founder and ex-CEO of EDPS, an NSP based in Greece since 1999. He quotes Plato “Knowledge unqualified is knowledge simply of something learned” and appreciates that EPSM provides the means for such qualifications to its members.
Rainer Zettl
Treasurer, Lyra Networks, France - Germany
Rainer is a passionate payment expert.
He has worked in the payment industry for the last 20 years. In 2009 Rainer co-founded Lyra Network DACH, an international payment technology company, a specialist in card present and e-Commerce payment solutions.

Rainer holds a Computer Science degree.
He is also pretty good at surfing and mountaineering.

Please contact Rainer if you would like to join EPSM, using
Rodney Farmer
Bluefin Payments, Ireland, (Mr. Farmer is based in Czech Republic)
Rodney is a passionate leader in payment systems, security and innovation.
He serves as the EPSM delegate and Board of Advisors Member for the PCI Security Standards Council, working for the past eight years with the BoA securing our payments infrastructure through collaboration with industry participants from around the world.

While he is a US citizen, Rodney has spent most of his professional career, more than two decades, in Europe working in card payments at Euronet, Raiffeisen, Global Payments and numerous enterprises where he advises companies in the payment space.
Blánaid Zanini
Fexco, Ireland, (Ms. Zanini is based in Germany)
Blánaid is an energetic and innovative business leader. With close to 20 years’ experience in the payments and merchant acquiring space, she is currently General Manager Europe Payments & FX for the Irish Fintech, Fexco. She is based in Germany, the market to which she initially introduced DCC in 2005, and since then she has been involved in the deployment of merchant services across the wider European region.

Blánaid is passionate about Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace, acting as co-chair of the Fexco Women In Payments Network and also a member of the European Women in Payments Network.
She joined the EPSM as a member in 2010 and the focus for her tenure with the EPSM board will be to work closely with members - broadening member interaction within the group and understanding additional needs.

Please contact Blánaid if you would like to learn more about EPSM and its benefits.